Service Desk

Your business and manufacturing processes depend upon the reliability of the deployed software and the associated services. It is of utmost importance to us to assist you throughout the entire project life cycle from delivery to full implementation to software maintenance. 

General Inquiries

For general inquiries or a software presentation, please contact your nearest WinTool competence center or reseller

WinTool AG, Headquater

Fluelastrasse 7, 8048 Zurich

T:  +41 44 401 00 55

WinTool North America

P.O. Box 1266
Lake Dallas, TX 75065-1266

T:  +1 940 498 7171

WinTool China

Room 15B2 Hua Fu Building No. 585
West Long Hua Road
Shanghai China 200232 PRC

T: +86 21 3222 1577

WinTool Japan

6F Shin Osaka Dai 3 Doi Building
1-8-24 Nishimiyahara, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka

T:  +81 6 7662 8859

Our Service Desk is available from Monday till Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM

Software Maintenance

Continuous Improvements for Future Success

Partnership for world class excellence!

We commit ourselves with the maintenance contract to continually upgrade the WinTool software. This guarantees compatibility with the latest versions of CNC production technologies, CAD/CAM applications, tool catalogs, and operating systems.

Every year WinTool delivers one major update along with several Service Packs in between. With every new update, additional functions are implemented and the existing software is improved and simplified.

A CNC master database must not hold you back!

A CNC master database is integrated with other manufacturing systems. A fast response time to 3rd party application upgrades, a unique interface concept, and most of all a simple Do-It-Yourself update procedure makes it easy for you to keep your WinTool installation up to date. WinTool provides our Customers with ease of installation, ease of use, and ease of updating!

The software maintenance contract makes it possible for us to sustain a highly motivated team of software developers and application engineers devoted to continuously improving our Customer experience. This includes improving workflows, implementing enhancement requests, and expanding the scope of the WinTool solution to benefit the user community.

Every software maintenance customer gets free installation and upgrade support. Your enhancement requests are valuable inputs for our future development and are systematically tracked and addressed.

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