Wintool Upgrade


Even clearer, even easier, even better! WinTool as CNC Machining Data Management Platform presents itself with a new face, state-of-the-art technologies and unique process solutions. WinTool has always been a guarantor for simple, consistent and simply working tools for process optimization.

WinTool 2019.1.1 (New licensing technology)

WinTool 2019.1.1-DESetup 09.09.2019322 MBRelnotes
WinTool 2019.1.1-ENSetup 09.09.2019318 MBRelnotes
WinTool 2019.1.1-FRSetup 09.09.2019318 MBRelnotes
WinTool 2019.1.1-ITSetup 09.09.2019318 MBRelnotes
WinTool 2019.1.1-NLSetup 09.09.2019318 MBRelnotes
WinTool 2019.1.1-CNSetup 09.09.2019318 MBRelnotes
WinTool 2019.1.1-RUSetup 09.09.2019318 MBRelnotes
WinTool 2019.1.1-JPSetup 09.09.2019318 MBRelnotes


WinTool 2018.2.1

WinTool 2018.2.1-DESetup 21.02.2019344 MBRelnotes
WinTool 2018.2.1-ENSetup 21.02.2019339 MBRelnotes
WinTool 2018.2.1-FRSetup 21.02.2019339 MBRelnotes
WinTool 2018.2.1-ITSetup 21.02.2019339 MBRelnotes
WinTool 2018.2.1-NLSetup 21.02.2019339 MBRelnotes
WinTool 2018.2.1-CNSetup 21.02.2019339 MBRelnotes
WinTool 2018.2.1-RUSetup 21.02.2019339 MBRelnotes
WinTool 2018.2.1-JPSetup 21.02.2019339 MBRelnotes


Wintool 2017-SP1

WinTool 2017-SP1-DESetup 09.11.2017341 MBRelnotes
WinTool 2017-SP1-ENSetup 09.11.2017337 MBRelnotes
WinTool 2017-SP1-FRSetup 21.12.2017337 MBRelnotes
WinTool 2017-SP1-ITSetup 10.11.2017337 MBRelnotes
WinTool 2017-SP1-NLSetup 21.12.2017337 MBRelnotes
WinTool 2017-SP1-CNSetup 16.11.2017337 MBRelnotes
WinTool 2017-SP1-RUSetup 20.11.2017337 MBRelnotes
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CAM Interface

NC programmers have direct access to the centrally stored WinTool tool library from their CAM systems. Within seconds, suitable tools (with correct cutting data) for the program are found and brought in to your familiar CAM environment.
The automatically created 3D model, interfering edges and adjustment settings are correctly transferred and taken into account. In addition, the WinTool CAM interface saves a tool list to be used with the finished NC-Program on the shop floor.

Download sample report for Tool Setup Sheet.

CATIA V5-6R201724.10.201811 MBRelnotes
Vericut (V2.13)08.04.201911 MBRelnotes
ESPRIT 2018-201910.09.201921 MBRelnotes
ESPRIT 2017 R422.03.201818 MBRelnotes
ESPRIT 2017 R215.11.201718 MBRelnotes
ESPRIT 2017 R104.08.201717 MBRelnotes
ESPRIT 201604.08.201717 MBRelnotes
ESPRIT 2015 R427.11.201526 MBRelnotes
ESPRIT 2013/2014/2015 R1-314.07.201417 MBRelnotes
ESPRIT 2011/2012/2013-E27.11.201526 MBRelnotes
ESPRIT 2010-E11.03.201516 MB
ESPRIT 2009-E02.09.200933 MB
ESPRIT 2009-D02.09.200933 MB
Tebis 4.0(V3.5)02.07.201910 MBRelnotes

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